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Monday, April 25, 2016

SEnuke TNG - Bonuses


Get the exact same templates we have been using to rank sites ourselves!
Once launch week is over we will be removing these templates, from then on nobody else will ever get them.
So grab these totally exclusive and already proven templates now, and get TNG rankings faster than everybody else!
Please do not try and run the above templates in the current SEnuke XCr.


We all know that your onsite SEO is crucial to obtaining higher Google rankings.
For those of you that use WordPress websites in your marketing efforts here’s a free download to our WP Smart Silo plugin that lets you easily optimize the internal linking structure of your WordPress websites.
Silo structured websites when used in combination with the new SEnukeTNG will considerably increase your chances for success with higher rankings across more competitive keywords and less backlinks.
If you are not familiar with Silo structured websites don’t worry, this plugin makes it simple. We have also included an informative, detailed instructional guide and video.

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SEnuke TNG - Proof


During testing we ran some campaigns for moneysites sites, here are just a few of the outstanding results we got.


The first three show results from running SEnuke TNG Wizard campaigns, using the very templates we will be giving away tomorrow!
A car credit referral site, with a nice CPA income, with results showing in a matter of days pushing the site from number 4 all the way to number 1!
We can see towards the end of the time line the results starting to 'dance' a little, this would be a great time to run another small high quality SEnuke campaign and lock that No1 status in rock solid.
The same niche but another town variation, SEnuke TNG is perfect for such niches as you can target your keywords with laser point precision.
This time we were moving not just the sub-page but also the home page!
At the start of the campaign the sub-page was ranking 8 while the home was ranking 9, initially ran 1 small campaign and use the new 'Duplicate' feature of SEnuke TNG to make the same campaign run again 1 week later, before the first had even finished.
We got the classic 'dance' just the same as the previous example but this time took some action with a small campaign using only the very best SEnuke sites and instantly powered our way back to positions 2 & 3.
The most interesting thing though is how the two pages switched places, now the home page was out ranking the sub-page.
This shows that the domain as a whole has become more niche orientated, you can be sure that along with this ranking the home page is now ranking of a whole host of longtail keywords that it was not before!
Here we took things slow and just ran a simple 2 Tier template over a week, and then sat bank and watched the rankings grow.
You will see there was no dance this time, so we will let that one sit for a while and then promote it some more to grab that No.1 spot!
Remember this is just one keyword, with SEnuke TNG you can target hundreds or even thousands of keywords at once. Creating an avalanche of traffic for your sites!


Clicks & CTR - here you can see the sites had effectively no clicks, and thus no CTR, we then ran CrowdSearch module and Webmaster tools itself reported the clicks back to us. You can see the CTR rate is almost 100%, which is extremely high.

Website Rank - Taken over a longer period of time we can see how the sites rank increased. With CrowdSearch it is typical to see no results for some period of time and then jump up the ranks out of nowhere. This is clearly seem in the first example, where there was little to talk about for quite some time and then a sudden jump.
In the second case the site was not even in the top 100, and ended up hovering around the position 20 mark. A sensible thing here would be to run an SEnuke Wizard campaign to boost the site up.
Clicks, CTR & Rank - Here we see your typical 1000 searches a month keyword, which is requiring just a couple of clicks a day average to jump up the ranks.
The CTR in this campaign may appear to be low, but there is a solid reason for this. CTR amounts shown also of course takes in to account genuine searches, so if we are putting in 5 clicks a day but there are also 20 natural clicks then we have:
(5/25)*100= 20% daily of the clicks.
You could throw more clicks at it, but it's just not needed and you are better off using them on other sites.
As you move up the ranks you will start to get more of these natural clicks, and once at the top you can in theory turn off the CrowdSearch because being in the top spot you should be getting the clicks anyway!
This process can be seen at around the 7th of March in the picture. Despite us sending approximately the same number of clicks each day our total clicks jumps.
Simply because our rank has increased so we are getting more natural clicks, we then turned down the CrowdSearch tool so you see the click drop down as we are now getting only the natural clicks, but the rankings remain!
You can then move your attention on to your next keyword, rank domination has never been easier!
Tomorrow, we are going to make available to you the EXACT templates we used to achieve the rankings you have just seen.
These templates will be made available during launch time only. Once launch is over…they will be gone for good and only a select few will have these proven templates in their SEO toolbox.
Make sure you pay close attention to you Inbox for tomorrows release announcement of these EXCLUSIVE launch time only templates!
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SEnuke TNG - CrowdSearch


NEW: CrowdSearcher Module - SEnukeTNG’s unique CrowdSearcher module will boost your websites Search CTR ‘through the roof’ and drastically reduce bounce rate…all on autopilot.
SEO experts agree that TODAYS top ranking factors include Traffic & Engagement metrics such as “Search Click Through Rate” & “Bounce Rate” combined with a strategic and diverse backlink link profile.
You have seen how easy SEnukeTNG makes it to create high profile quality backlinks using todays proven linking strategies.
Well now TNG takes it to another level and gives you the power to influence User Experience metrics like Search Click Through Rate AND Bounce Rate.
Introducing CrowdSearcher!
Simply enter your URL and the keywords you wish to rank for.
SEnuke TNG will then use its NEW proprietary CrowdSearcher process to query Google for your specified terms, click on your search listings, then visit your website AND even its pages.
The sheer power of this feature alone provides a clear-cut advantage, giving you much more ranking influence over your keywords than any other available SEO tool.

NEW: Indexing & Spider Tool - The free pinger project has been enhanced and can now be run as a guaranteed spider project, with integration with 3rd party tools which guarantee that Google will visit all the pages you create with SEnuke TNG. Every single link you create will be seen by the search engines when you use this tool.

NEW: Built in OCR - If you have ever filled in a form on the internet you will know all about CAPTCHA, there are those little hard to read images that websites make you try and decipher. In the past you had to pay to solve all of these but now SEnuke TNG has OCR built, we can even solve most Recaptcha!
You no longer need to purchase 3rd party OCR solvers, if we can’t solve it they can’t either.
2Captcha Integration – There are of course from CAPTCHA types which OCR can't solve, and for these we have now integrated additional extenal solving services. Of particular interest is 2Captcha offers manual solving of captcha that can't be solved by OCR for about 1/3 the cost of other services, in addition they can solve the new Google NoCaptcha too.
That's right SEnuke TNG can post your links to sites using the very latest in Google anti-bot defenses!

New: Built in Proxies Now With Rotation - SEnuke TNG now uniquely includes thousands of unlimited use proxies for you to Nuke with. These are not regular free proxies but premium proxies direct from leading suppliers.
In addition, SEnuke TNG now will automatically use multiple verified proxies during the SAME campaign…automatically.
You can of course use your own private proxies if you wish, or indeed run SEnuke without any proxies at all.
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SEnuke TNG - Wizard


(Video Below)

The all-new SEnukeTNG makes it easier than ever for ANYONE to be able to create their own Professionally designed SEO campaigns in mere MINUTES!
NEW Advanced Wizard – The process of going through the wizard has been improved significantly and is now much more logical so that creating Professional SEO campaigns that get you ranked is much easier than ever before. SEnuke TNG also now autocreates optimised SEO titles and tags using data taken straight from Google, 100% niche related! In addition SEnuke TNG now automatically recommends optimal times to run your campaign, no more guess about how many days you need.
NEW Streamlined TurboWizard - The Turbo Wizard now automates 90% of the full wizard, condensing it down to a single screen. SEnuke TNG's Turbo Wizard lets you create a campaign in one minute that previous versions would have taken 10 times longer to create. Effortless and faultless campaign creation at the press of a button.
NEW: Loop Mode – Now that SEnukeTNG gives you way more control over how articles are used, you now have the ability to LOOP your SEO campaigns!
Simply set your campaign up once and have it loop over and over, FOREVER if you wish. Each time SEnukeTNG will pull in fresh, relevant content and if needed, even creating new accounts. You can also choose to re-use those same accounts again, building up authority, speeding the process up and reducing your overall campaign costs putting more money in your pocket

NEW: Premium Social Network – These sites are unlike regular Social Network sites in that they are not all built on the same platform but rather, they are unique to TNG. This means that the links created here will have much more value than any other links AND they are considerably more unique in the SEO world.

Until now you would have to create such links by hand, however SEnuke TNG will automate this entire process. In addition, sites protected with the new Google “I am Not A Robot” (NoCaptcha) security, can be used in the new SEnuke TNG

NEW: Wait Project – Previously, the old Senuke XCr would work non-stop once the campaign started with work done every day until it completed. Now, SEnuke TNG allows you to schedule things more naturally with waiting periods between different projects within a campaign.

NEW: Wait and Retry Feature – Senuke TNG can be set to attempt to create accounts more than once, but unlike before where it would retry instantly it can pause for a while before trying again.

Watch the video below to to get a complete overview of ALL these exciting convenient features!

In the next video you will discover how SEnukeTNG’s new CrowdSearcher feature automatically improves your sites Search CTR and drastically reduces Bounce Rate to boost your rankings to the top of Google…and we’ll show you PROOF!

We all know that your onsite SEO is crucial to obtaining higher Google rankings.
For those of you that use WordPress websites in your marketing efforts here’s a free download to our WP Smart Silo plugin that lets you easily optimize the internal linking structure of your WordPress websites.
Silo structured websites when used in combination with the new SEnukeTNG will considerably increase your chances for success with higher rankings across more competitive keywords and less backlinks.

If you are not familiar with Silo structured websites don’t worry, this plugin makes it simple. We have also included an informative, detailed instructional guide and video.

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SEnuke TNG - Article Manager


(Video Below)

TNG’s new Article Manager gives you complete control over your SEO campaign content.
In previous versions of SEnuke you setup the project/campaign and then you generated content for that project/campaign only. In SEnuke TNG the direct link between content and the campaign is gone.
Now you setup your niche specific content once and then can use it many times over in multiple different campaigns. You can of course add, remove or change the content any time you like and this can now be done directly from within the Article Manager. You can also change all of the content in all the campaigns linked to it with just a click.
NEW: Smart Link Placement – TNG searches your articles for your keywords and inserts your links contextually and strategically within your articles. Where the keyword has not been mentioned it can still place strategic links that appear 100% natural.
NEW: Automatic Authority Links – TNG can generate automated authority links and place them within your article, these are always placed contextually. This helps to give your article higher credibility, making it look totally authentic and natural. This is because your article is no longer just linking to you your website, but also linking out to other respected high authority websites
NEW: Content Sources – TNG is now directly integrated with four of the industries leading automated article services (Article Builder, The Leading Articles, Kontent Machine and Article Forge). Unlimited unique niche specific content at your fingertips whenever needed!
IMPROVED Spinning – TNG is integrated with the 3 industry leading spinners The Best Spinner, Word AI and Spin Rewriter, as well as our own class leading auto spinner built right in to the software. Now with TNG you can get your content from multiple sources and spin it on demand instantly.

In our next update we will show you how we use these articles in the Wizard and TurboWizard to easily and quickly create professional SEO campaigns that can run on autopilot...forever!
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I would not dare to say that every article from every blast goes on to make $15,000! However it does happen. Over 30% of all my traffic is 100% direct from SEnuke blasts.


Within the first 5 months we nailed down our technique and how to sell it. Within 8 months we broke the $100,000 a year mark!


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